How social entrepreneurs can tap into both visible and hidden forces to create lasting social change

Almost everything we touch is part of some messy, sticky problem: the clothes you wear are probably made by people who commit suicide by the tens of thousands, the food you eat is grown in a way that destroys the soil on which it depends, the way you travel (especially if you go by air)... Continue Reading →


Interview with Arun Gandhi

nd perpetrators. Do we need to adapt this story in order to build equal relationships? We are always looking at relationships by asking what we personally gain from them. If we don’t gain anything, we wonder why we should bother at all. We need relationships to be based on mutual respe Source: Interview with Arun... Continue Reading →

Systemic Change workshop Sept 28-30 !

WELCOME to the second in our series of Systemic Change workshops hosted in the forests of Auroville. The previous one was attended by the Ashoka India team. This time we invite practitioners from business and civil society to develop a shared insight in social change and innovation. * Are you looking to make a change... Continue Reading →

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation: Not the Same Thing

Interesting article on CSR Wire (here) by David Wilcox of ReachScale, an organisation that aims to bridge the gap between the corporate and social enterprise sectors. His main point is that social entrepreneurs are using a disruptively unique set of strategies and business models that are not just incremental “social innovation”.

Re launching after the cyclone

It took a while but we are back on track! Today we had a meeting at Pitchandikulam forest and decided to start Hubbing by incubating ourselves : -) We do so using the Success Team approach as a method for peer to peer support / co-learning. Meanwhile the incubation & acceleration support is operating at... Continue Reading →

Time to make a change!

Welcome to the Nomads Hub, Auroville ! ------------------BRIEF CYCLONE INTERMEZZO ------------ We had planned to launch our first co-working retreat, scheduled for early March 2012 in Auroville (Pondicherry, South India). But then a cyclone hit us and we are very busy clearing our roads and treating our forest. We propose to organise a series of shorter... Continue Reading →


Mornings start with a focus on our self, our body, mind and spirit. Whatever work we do, we have only one body, one mind and one soul to put into it. Grooming these is the first step in change making –what Stephen Covey in his 7 habits of highly effective people calls: “sharpening the saw”.... Continue Reading →

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