UnLtd Tamil Nadu in Mumbai

Dear changemakers,

I just came back from 4 days in Mumbai with UnLtd India learning about incubation of social entrepreneurs. Got 100’s of insights in areas including:
* coaching, mentoring (methods, tools, approaches I am keen to try out on our investees in Auroville : -) )
* fundraising (incl a new SocEnt crowdfunding platform about which I am very excited ! )
* marketing (with the ever amazing Satish Krishnan (see pic) who you’ll meet soon if you satishhaven’t yet)
* finance & legal support (we’ll include in the Offers>Needs>Exchange on our new website soon)
* HR, talent (swimming in intern applications right now and it’s getting better)

We’ll keep you posted, meanwhile please let us know what more we can do for you to accelerate the movement and (….drum roll….) change the face of India for GOOD



Auroville and India’s community of Changemakers: a matchmaking event

UTN launch feb 15 2013


Raising $60,000 to kickstart 30 social innovators

We are now ready to select and support the next generation of change makers across Tamil Nadu ! So far, 7 amazing social entrepreneurs have joined our incubation program, but we want to reach out to 30 more. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP ! If you want to see more people changing India’s face for good or if you know other people who do, please click on the link below:

Online fundraising for Kickstart 30 Social Entrepreneurs in Tamil NaduJust $ 350 will help us coach a passionate change maker for 12 months towards setting up a viable and sustainable venture. And what’s more: ALL DONATIONS in 2013 WILL BE MATCHED 100% by UnLtd India, so your 50$ makes 100$ worth of impact.


Auroville to host new Social Entrepreneurship incubator

Social Entrepreneurship Auroville (SEA) , started piloting support for local changemakers since 2011 and is now linking up to India’s largest SocEnt incubator UnLtd India as part of their pan-India expansion program.unltd logo

Under the name “UnLtd Tamil Nadu” SEA will groom 40 high impact start-ups a year giving them coaching and seed funding. They will join a rapidly growing community of changemakers incubated in the UnLtd style of ‘founder focused’ personal and professional development. Applications are open for anyone in Tamil Nadu who is making systemic change and could use some help -write to:


See you in Auroville !

Systemic Change workshop Sept 28-30 !

WELCOME to the second in our series of Systemic Change workshops hosted in the forests of Auroville. The previous one was attended by the Ashoka India team. This time we invite practitioners from business and civil society to develop a shared insight in social change and innovation.

* Are you looking to make a change in the system you are operating in?

* Do you feel there is more to managing change than meets the (mind’s) eye?

* Are you willing to explore ways of sense making that integrate your entire being (mind, body and soul)?


Social Entrepreneurs: Welcome to Auroville Village Action!

AVAG launched a support platform for Social Entrepreneurs in the Auroville region. Do you have an idea for a venture that would support the rural population? Do you see yourself setting up a social business? Do you know anyone else who is developing an enterprise? Please refer them to me !

Social Enterpreneurs and business service providers can join our Hub called AuroConnect for Rs 100 / month only, and use the co-working office behind Kofibar at Kuilapalayam complete with wi-fi, desks, networking and business coaching.

Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation: Not the Same Thing

Interesting article on CSR Wire (here) by David Wilcox of ReachScale, an organisation that aims to bridge the gap between the corporate and social enterprise sectors.

His main point is that social entrepreneurs are using a disruptively unique set of strategies and business models that are not just incremental “social innovation”.