The Place to BE

We found a great venue for the Nomads Hub: Auroville’s International House, smack in the midst of the International ZONE.

The vision for the International Zone is to have countries with a well-defined culture build a national pavilion to express at the highest level the spirit and culture of the country in form and activities. They will be centres for research and education into the various cultures of the world and their aim will be to encourage a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.

Two main themes were practiced in the making of the international house: youthful energy and sustainable eco-building. A team of 42 American students and faculty arrived in Auroville in early January 2001, to start construction of the Student Guest House and plant the garden.
International house: your office away from office while you’re staying with us.
There are various elements of sustainability to be seen including: use of compressed earth bricks and ferro cement, use of solar power, water harvesting, a grey water system, and compost toilets. The Dormitory hosts university groups from allover the world that are studying in Auroville.

The place is brimming with energy, creativity, fun and serious work. These days a young group of architects is designing the school of the future -they call it The Learning Community (TLC) where class rooms stretch from platforms hanging in the tree canopy to the entire community of Auroville and beyond: the world IS the class room.

Now imagine they would be available to other changemakers working on areas like food, energy, livelihoods, housing, education, etc. Everyone needs a PLACE to implement their work, right?

What if this place was not just “cheap and best“, but inspiring and green too? Places can suggest change and so become an active part of the solutions they are harbouring.


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