Mornings start with a focus on our self, our body, mind and spirit. Whatever work we do, we have only one body, one mind and one soul to put into it. Grooming these is the first step in change making –what Stephen Covey in his 7 habits of highly effective people calls: “sharpening the saw”.

You can join regular sessions of various disciplines or create your own routine, but we request you not to skip this time and plunge straight into your Emails and excel sheets. There will be enough time to work during the rest of the day.

Some people like to have a light breakfast before they start, some like it after their exercise. This is up to you – there will be a buffet served from 7-10 AM.

At 10 o’ clock we shift gear into co-working: this is the time to bring the methods and re evaluation from the previous sessions into your work. You can use the office to do your thing and connect to faculty or peers when you need. We are available to organize one on one meetings and small group sessions.

What are we going to do together?

After a morning of centering and change making we deserve a good lunch: there is an organic farm next door cooking healthy Tamil food, and there are various Auroville eating places. We eat, digest and share till 2 pm.

The afternoons will be dedicated to project support: you bring your office to the Hub and your challenges to the table, so we can identify common topics and address them in small groups with a focus on problem solving. Do you need to write a business plan? Do you need to recruit a team? Do you need to raise funds? Do you need to sell a product? Let us find the best tools to ease your load!

On Thursdays we organize weekly guest lectures by eminent speakers from our professional networks on topics such as: systems thinking and design, changemaker psychology, conflict resolution, and green infrastructure and technology. In the evening they will share their knowledge with the Auroville community as a whole, using the TEDx style of 20 minute presentations.

On Fridays we go on field trips to visit leading social entrepreneurs in the region and learn along with them. We will see the reforestation work of Sadhana Forest which is now replicated across the globe from South America to Africa. We will visit Auroville Zero Waste Taskforce and experience the many aspects of solid waste management –including segregation, recycling, up-cycling, awareness raising…

By 5 pm we close the day with an exercise of collective self-organization: fine-tuning the program, adapting it, filling any gaps you may identify.

Two evenings a week we cook together, learning about nutrition and how to take care of our inner being, as well as having fun in the kitchen. Other evenings you are free to go out or stay in and finish any urgent pending tasks.

At night you are free to join the buzzing Auroville night life if you feel like watching movies, dancing, listening to live music, etc……. But try not to make it too late as tomorrow there is work to do! Sri Aurobindo did not call this a place of Karma Yoga for nothing ; -)


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  1. Hi It is a great idea to explore as collective rather every one try to find our own way to struggle. Aurovile is the place to reflect then react. Congratulations to every who initiated the time of hour required initiative. On behalf of ccd family from Madurai to commite ourselves to explore the opportunity. Thanks

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