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Welcome to the Nomads Hub, Auroville !


We had planned to launch our first co-working retreat, scheduled for early March 2012 in Auroville (Pondicherry, South India). But then a cyclone hit us and we are very busy clearing our roads and treating our forest. We propose to organise a series of shorter activities, including some closer to locations where we know many changemakers -e.g. Mumbai and Bangalore.

We believe it will be very exciting to see what comes out, and we’ll keep you posted. Please let us know your ideas and we can see how to  adapt and grow together.


~the Nomads Hub team @ Auroville


When you decide to dedicate your life to meet a challenge that society is facing you will face a range of complications -whether you are just passionate about an idea or have already implemented it successfully. The Nomads Hub is a place for social entrepreneurs to meet likeminded people, get inspired, support each other and learn about our self. We provide all the facilities you need to continue your current work  while you learn about future growth strategy. This way you get time out to reflect on your work and your self -even if you feel you can’t afford to take a holiday.

Nomads Hub Auroville 2012

Nomads Hub caters to people driving start-ups and firms in early growth fase -from all age groups and sectors. In any given session you will meet managers from the corporate world, the social sector and social businesses working on issues ranging from health and food to textiles, energy, waste, democracy or media. Whether you are launching your first start up or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you will benefit from our balance of creative work, personal reflection, learning and exploring.

We invite anyone who is working on a social initiative, trying to live a responsible life in this increasingly complex world. Bring your challenges to the Hub: together we can do and be much more!

The Hub is designed to cater to change makers who can travel and the Hub travels itself as well -so it can be hosted in a place near you if we can mobilise enough people to make it worth while. But first we invite you to join us for this launch event and experience collective change making -Auroville style.

We hope this website gives you all the information you need. If you have more questions, please mail us at aurovillehub@gmail.com . Looking forward to see you soon!


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