Re launching after the cyclone

It took a while but we are back on track! Today we had a meeting at Pitchandikulam forest and decided to start Hubbing by incubating ourselves : -) We do so using the Success Team approach as a method for peer to peer support / co-learning.

Meanwhile the incubation & acceleration support is operating at full steam -see the members page for updates on current needs / requests from member SocEnt’s!

  • With EcoFemme we are piloting the Presencing approach -very much in a learning by doing sort of way;
  • Madurai Craft Studio is coming to Auroville for a full day market strategy development session on April 14th;
  • Cocoon is preparing its first catalogue complete with photoshoot;
  • And Tip4Change is finalising its smart phone app with support from inotforprofit and sourcemap


Julie, Jerry, Mari and Dror for your support so far!

looking forward to see you soon: Dhanush, Paula, Sumedha, Julia


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