Awareness Through the Body

Awareness Through the Body (ATB) provides ways for individuals to discover and explore the body, and through the body awakens the consciousness of the entire being.

The activities in the workshops and classes focus on the themes of mastering concentration, attention and relaxation, practicing to enter into a state of heightened receptivity. The exercises and games have been incorporated from a wide variety of disciplines. They are very creative and often lots of fun!

The “observant position” is at the foundation of all the principles used. In all the activities special importance is given to the ability to notice change. †Noticing changes kindles interest and helps to keep the attention focused while refining the sensitivity: the more we notice changes, the more we increase our ability to notice them…. In the course of our lives we learn to use instruments, we learn to do things, but we do not often learn to evaluate how we use ourselves in everything we do. It basically facilitates a space for participants to explore their ability to awaken a wider sense of self through deeper observation into the complexity of their being.

During ATB we train ourselves to access an open mind, open heart and open will – in other words an open being. It is a practice that can enrich your Hub experience, ground your habit of sensing and widen perceptions to be incorporated in your daily life/work.

For a more in-depth understanding of this work, please see this website or go to:

There is also a book on the subject. See HERE.


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