We are based in Aurelec – the original professional co-working site of Auroville, home to many startups across various sectors. Here we host the coaching and training sessions.

We also host programs at Auroville’s Pitchandikulam Bio Resource Centre, smack in the middle of the Auroville Green Belt and an emeging hub for countless eco-social development initiatives in the Kaluveli bioregion. From their website:

Pitchandikulam is an area of 70 acres within the green belt of Auroville. The first Aurovillian settlers found the land dry and desolate; prior to 1973 only a few scattered palm trees were found in the area and the traditional dryland farming of peanuts and pulses had degraded the soil leaving deep eroded gullies. In that year, restoration processes were set in motion using green manures to rebuild the soil. Live fences were created to protect the land from goats and cows, and pioneer species of acacia, leucaena, gliricidia, and eucalyptus were planted to provide windbreaks and shade. At the same time seeds and other plant materials were introduced from nearby remnant patches of the almost extinct Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, and nurseries were set up.

In 1993 Pitchandikulam Forest became part of a national Medicinal Plant Conservation Network, co-ordinated by the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) in Bangalore. Collaborating with 30 other in-situ and ex-situ conservation areas, detailed programs of botanical and social documentation, conservation and planting initiatives have been developed. Through community outreach activities and delivering innovative education methods in the schools of the bioregion, Pitchandikulam Forest provides models of sustainable ecological practices. Traditional knowledge and technologies of the local people are being documented, displayed and woven into the Pitchandikulam landscape. A team of botanists and community activists work from Pitchandikulam on several projects to restore the indigenous forest and the traditional knowledge related to the local ecosystem.

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  1. HI
    I run a social enterprise which is a hybrid organisation consisting of a private limted eco tourism company called ecoLogin and a small Ngo called Basecamp which was mainly floated to work with local communities in many of the places that we conduct our tours. I would like to explore both funding and partnership possibilities with you . Can you let me know a suitable time and place to meet you and explore the same. pls do let me know your email id .

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