The following projects are being supported through the Hub team right now. Please scan through them to see which one you would like to be associated with and how. Ways to connect are through:

* internships / pro bono support

* partnerships / collaboration

* joining the team

* replicating / adapting the model elsewhere

—————————————–Here They Are : ————————————

  • U-turn solid waste management: teaching Garbology in schools, designing interventions for government agencies
  • WoodLink timber manufacturing: value addition to Auroville’s sustainable managed forest
  • Cocoon organic textiles: designing, manufacturing and trading eco friendly textiles
  • Tip4Change: using IT to connect customers to producer communities and make a personal impact
  • Convergence: hosting programs that integrate education, awareness, ecology and systems thinking
  • Madurai Crafts Studio: artisans joining hands to produce and sell eco friendly crafts
  • SREYAS Social Enterprise Association: incubating social enterprises in Tamil Nadu
  • AVAG microfinance: Auroville Village Action Group and their 4,000 members MFI
  • Eco-Femme: offers  washable zero waste cloth menstrual pads and raises awareness on menstruation in India
  • new member……….


Current assignments & requests for support:

Cocoon : design catalogue, develop marketing plan & materials

Tip4Change: manage pilot with brands & retailers

Madurai Crafts Studio:design catalogue, develop marketing plan & materials

AVAG microfinance: connecting with peer to peer lending programs in India & abroad

Eco-Femme: pricing policy for rural and urban markets


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