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I am a social entrepreneur working on ways to transform agriculture based value chains into value based communities. This means connecting people in the chain (farmers, traders, industry, brands, consumers) to each other but also to themselves. An example is the work I do with textiles in a program called Cotton Conversations.

I live in Auroville with my wife and 2 children, teach at the local school (biology and Greek mythology), and am involved with various start-ups in the fields of sustainable textiles, organic food and information technology. I conduct workshops and guide processes using systems thinking and business development methodology. I am an Ashoka fellow since 2009 and like to connect to likeminded people in India and abroad.


I see it as my role to bring people around me to a place from where they can reach their maximum potential. In that sense you can look at me as a remover of obstacles.

Since 1996 I have been working with groups in various capacities: as dialogue facilitator in highly polarised context of the Middle East, as facilitator of international youth programs in the Israeli desert, as founder of shelter for street children in New Delhi, as teacher of co-counselling in a local Indian high school, as researcher of comparative religious studies writing text books for the Indian government bridging Eastern and Western perspectives.

My personal experience with social entrepreneurship is in building an archaeology based social movement of 80,000 volunteers digging a highly controversial site at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Using the technical perspective of archaeology we can find ways to overcome division, and transform competition over history towards a common ground (literally!). It has been a very emotional and fulfilling journey, learning about harmony through a sensitivity of place and mastery of the process of profound integration.


I came to India in 2000, leaving Israel behind, as well as a background in business. Here, I began to explore different disciplines to stimulate the experience of awakening my sense of being.  I came to Auroville in 2003 to live in the forest with an aspiration for harmony and sustainable community life with my wife and 3 children. Back then I joined the “Awareness Through the Body” program – an experiment started in Auroville schools by Aloka Marti and Joan Sala in 1992.  (see

I facilitate “Awareness through the Body” activities, with the intention to offer a space where individuals can experience a wider sense of existence through their growing capacity for attention, concentration and relaxation.
This experience of observing oneself from a “deeper point” can become a tool for individuals to discover their unique ability to expand their consciousness.

More and more I see this work as an opportunity to be part of the creation of a true spirit that wishes to act and create a large family of change makers, making our life, our planet, a more healthy and harmonious existence.
Through this work I find myself joining a process of knowing our selves better, to instill harmony in our being in order to allow a chain of changes to unfold and manifest.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions and look forward to the possibility of working together with you.


In most circles, people would call me a consultant, a trainer, a facilitator, community builder or networker. I consult social start-ups, design and facilitate large group events and stakeholder dialogues and teach subjects like Strategic Management at Business Schools. Personally, I see my role mainly as one of mobilizing resources, carrying seeds between the worlds of business and not-for-profits, east and west, so called developed and developing countries, individuality and community. Some friends call me a bumble bee, cross-pollinating the fields of change to unite what, only at first glance, seems so far apart.

Over the years I co-founded and supported the start-up of several social enterprises such as One Umbrella Australia, Social Entrepreneurship & Leadership Foundation Germany (self eG), HUB Berlin and India-based initiative the glass half full. As a result of these experiments – some of them humble successes, others total failures – my thinking on creating strong & healthy communities has changed a lot. Nowadays, I put a lot more emphasis on being truly balanced as an individual before even thinking about changing the world out there. Nomads Hub is my contribution to the world of the crazy change makers I love and admire so much and an attempt to create annual spaces where work gets done for sure but where recharging body, mind & soul are the main motto of each day.


I am an experienced Polarity therapist, counselling psychologist, and teacher of dance and of meditation techniques. A follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I have been associated with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and living in Auroville since ’76. During this time I have been assembling a body of knowledge integrating his experience of the Integral Yoga, Kabalah, Tantra and Ayurveda (the basis of Polarity Therapy) Toltec Shamanism, Meditation and Dance. I conduct workshops and regular classes and work with individuals in the context of healing therapy or of study and research.


I am a certified chartered accountant and I worked for years as a finance manager of construction companies in Israel. I established various real estate ventures including a social housing company that rents assets to governmental units with long term agreements and a coffee shop.

For the last 6 years I have been advising investment funds in Israel and small scale enterprises in India, Bulgaria and the United States.

I came to Auroville recently with my family and work in the area of affordable housing. At the Nomads Hub I will support members with financial planning and management issues they bring to the table.
Your hosts at work: preparing the program for Nomads Hub 2012. Work and play. Observe and reflect. Ponds and laptops go together at AV Nomads Hub.


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