Why is this important?

When you decide to leave the beaten track and focus on solving a pressing need that society is facing (whether it is cleaning up the environment, improving education, creating market access for small farmers or just making your company do its work in an ethical manner), there is a range of complications: many skills and support networks are no longer relevant, your friends don’t understand your situation, you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the issue you are trying to impact, and worst of all: your personal needs seem insignificant in the context of the wider reality so you forget to invest in yourself and your health with all the dire consequences.

Conventional business support services don’t talk your language, but nor do most social charities. Is there a place where you can go to get inspired, motivated, energized, center yourself as well as making sense of the work you have chosen -sharing insights with a group of likeminded peers?

the UnLtd Tamil Nadu incubation program at Auroville offer just that!

It is designed as catalyst for change makers at all stages of their project (from idea development via startup to established venture). What makes our platform special is that it is holistic with a balance between DOING and BEING: giving support to the whole being, not just the projects you are working on.

It seems a contradiction but it’s possible: a break from routine, a place to go within and reevalu208783_1717560497366_7764997_nate whilst getting your work done in a beautiful environment, surrounded by nature and meaningful insights from like-minded people, nurtured with healthy food for body & soul.


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